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Solid Ground Financial - Payday Loan Consolidation

At Solid Ground Financial, our mission is to provide you with outstanding customer service, as well as satisfaction for your consolidation needs. Solid Ground Financial counselors are trained to establish a financial plan that will meet your needs and give you the Power of Financial Freedom!!

Our Payday loan relief plan allows you to consolidate your unsecured debts such as credit cards, department store cards, personal loans, medical bills, utlity bills and the IRS.               

Solid Ground Financial negotiates with your creditors to lower your interest rates. We consolidate all your bills into one easy monthly payment and in most cases reducing your monthly payments! Regardless of financial status, you can benefit from Solid Ground Financials ability to get interest rates lowered or eliminated! We help you to avoid bankruptcy, improve your credit, stop late and over limit fees, and stop harassing calls from your creditors.                      

Other Benefits of Our Debt Consolidation Plan:

  • Lower Your Interest Rates.
  • Pay Off Debt Quickly.
  • No Minimum Financial Requirements.
  • Dramatically Lower Interest Rates On Your Current Unsecured Debt.
  • No Waiting Period To Get Started.
  • Stop any Late and Over limit Fees
  • We can develop a sensible budget for you that you can live with.
  • No hidden fees.
  • BBB A Rated.
  • We will not terminate you from the plan if you are unable to fulfill
    established payment terms. Once we are notified, we work to
    further identify a plan that will accurately reflect your ability to pay off your
    debt. At Solid Ground Financial our goal as a Premier Debt Consolidation
    Company is to provide you with customer service as well as satisfaction
    for your consolidation needs. Providing you with unparallel customer
    service, and our understanding of our clients needs is what separates
    us from being your average company, to understanding what financial
    securities our friends and clients seek.

When you use Solid Ground Financial for your debt consolidation needs you will receive the benefit of making all of your unsecured debt into one simple monthly payment. You will have the gratification of paying off your debt much more quickly, while having the peace of mind in knowing ALL bills will be paid on time in just one payment. Better still, no home equity is required!

Solid Ground Financial professional counselors offer individual, confidential advice for developing budgets, managing money, using credit wisely and building a savings plan. Our advisors will review your current situation and provide the best possible financial strategies, offering solutions to your current financial problems as well as personalized plans for preventing financial pitfalls in the years to come. This service, which is available in English or Spanish, will help you develop and manage your own plan so that you can do more with what you have.

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