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3 Financial changes to be Thankful for this Fall


With the holidays slowly creeping around the corner, any beneficial financial changes are always welcomed! Continue reading below to see how they effect you and your pockets!

  1. The Federal Reserve is making a strong effort to keep interest rates low. Not only does this positively effect the economy overall, it also gives you the ability to refinance if you haven’t gotten the chance to do so already. With this change it puts you in the perfect position to get ahead of your mortgage if you just so happen to fall behind. Your retirement account and high interest rate debt that you have been accumulating will thank you!
  2. Inflation is decreasing and projected to decrease in years to come. As the core inflation rate lowers this specifically targets the cost of food and gas which personally effects your finances and money you could be saving this fall!
  3. The Unemployment rate is Plummeting. Although it isn’t where it should be yet, with the help of this statistic in essence it means less people competing for jobs. So if you were considering a career change that could possibly be a positive impact on your finances now would be the time!


  1. EMV Technology cutting credit card theft nearly in half¬†With holidays steadily approaching hackers are always on the lookout for credit and debit cards that aren’t theirs. Luckily with the help of EMV (Credit Card Reader Chips) converting the use of magnetic strips to the newly implemented chip every transaction now has its own unique verification code which makes it a cold day in hell for when hackers can now have access to your information!
  2. Most Layaway programs have started in August! Want to get a head start on Christmas presents? Well now you can, with the start of the Fall season many department stores have kick-started their layaway programs! With no fee to start and for most programs only a $10 down payment Christmas shopping will be nothing short of a breeze and a nice break for your wallet.

3 Financial changes to be Thankful for this Fall