3 Ways to ease anxiety when in payday loan debt


We understand how difficult and tiring can it get for you when you’re trying to manage and payback your Payday loans; therefore, we at Solid Ground Financial will provide you with three simple steps to provide you with payday loan relief through methods of payday loan consolidation.

Ways to ease anxiety when in payday loan debt

Installment loan consolidation

We have a special program that aids you to consolidate your installment Payday loans and it is known as “Installment Loan Relief”. At first, we will begin the whole process by calculating the amount of money that you still owe, including their rates of interest and start with the negotiations so that we can strive our best to lower down the amount that you will finally have to pay. Apart from endowing the basic help for payday loans, we will assist you to settle your debts all at once without any added fees or minimum financial requirements. We offer attorney representation with our program and get going immediately. Moreover, through this program, you can also consolidate all your installment loans into one single monthly payment at the least rates to prevent you from facing bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation

Through the Debt Consolidation of Solid Ground Financial, you will have all your remaining debts added up into a single one and will be assisted with payment plans that will require you to pay them monthly in accordance with your income. Paying a list of separate bills every month can be direly confusing and ruin the peace of your mind; therefore integrating all of them into one whole with the corrects rates of interest will make sure that you know what part of your income will go into paying them and the amount that you will be left with for savings. Furthermore, you will be able to make these payments on time avoiding the extra penalties.

You can trust our representatives completely when you are seeking help for payday loans with your data and current situation so that we can help you develop the personalized budgets, financial strategies, manage the existing and future incomes, secure savings plan and guide you to create immediate solutions to deal with your financial crises. 

Credit card consolidation

One of the best ways to consolidate payday loans with ease is through credit card consolation; here, our credit card experts and counselors will help you to move out of this maze legally. Our professional financial assistants at Solid Ground Financial will help you to consolidate your credit cards, department store cards, personal loans and medical bills with the nationally accepted program and will negotiate with your lenders to reduce the average rates of interest by 0.9%. Rather than accepting the headache of paying a huge sum of money all at once, we can help you the best monthly payment option and sometimes, we can even lower the total amount of these payments. Through this policy, you can gradually repay your debts while maintaining a positive credit score without any minimum financial requirements, and regain your status of work with creditors at considerable low rates of interest. Besides, remember that we will arrange for reasonable without any accompanying hidden fees.