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6 Habits of People Who Are Debt-Free


Do you want to reach financial independence? Then, start following some or all of the following habits from people who are debt-free:

Debt-Free Habits1. Treat yourself to save

For instance if you are out and about and craving that Ice cold Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks for a quick pick me up, use that money to treat yourself as well as your savings account. Whatever you spend on your splurges, invest that same amount back into your saving account and watch it grow. At the same time, if you can’t afford to save what you spurge then maybe you shouldn’t be splurging!

2. Pretend to make less to be able to make more

Even if you are head under water with debt, create a budget plan with an envisioned income of 10%, 25% or even 50% less then your actual earnings. This should help you save money on the side for the big investments you have been waiting to achieve, and provide you with the financial sufficiency you deserve!

3. Actually SAVE in your savings account

Discipline yourself to start somewhere when it comes to setting aside money once payday arrives. Even if you start small, a mere $50 a week will save you close to $3,000 in one year. Although it might not seem like much, statistically proven people are able to save more money successfully when they keep short-term goals in sight.

4. Be able to say “No”

Using the 24 hour rule works best when it comes to saying no to unnecessary purchases. If it isn’t needed immediately take 24 hours to ponder if it is really a necessity buy or simply just an impulse. This will help differentiate as well as help you save money for bigger purchases that are really needed in your life.

5. Be Honest with yourself

“If you will live like noone else, later you can live like noone else” Accepting your financial situation and being able to live by your own means are one of the most important characteristics of people that are debt-free. If you haven’t budgeted for it, don’t spend it!

6. Unsubscribe

Nothing is more tempting than the rapid emails that are fired off with headlines such as “BIG sale- Everything must go” or the famous “Today only receive $100 off of a $250 purchase or more” in all reality, although it may seem like you are saving money you really are STILL spending it. Marketing emails have huge targets set right on your wallets, know the difference between a sale and what is really helping you to save.