Solid Ground Financial Celebrates 10 Years in Business


A small group of seasoned financial professionals got together to discuss an issue that hit close to home, debt management. Putting together their years of financial acumen and a zeal to improve the lives of people, they set up a financial counseling and debt consolidation service called Solid Ground Financial.

Solid Ground Financial 10 Years in Business


It has been 10 years now that Solid Ground Financial has been meeting your financial needs through financial counseling and the provision of personalized financial services like payday loan relief, debt consolidation and credit repair. With premium services that are available in 49 states and a BBB Rating of A, our team of experienced professional counsellors offer you best-in-class financial advisory services that are tailored to your situation.

Debt consolidation with Solid Ground Financial is unlike any other product out there. We take time to understand your needs and then offer you a tailor-made program that will deliver the best results for your financial well-being in the shortest time. This is part of what makes us different from your average debt consolidation business.


Our knowledgeable staff understand the importance of premium customer service and so we strive to always put your needs first whether you are making an enquiry or following up on your case. We also give you the advantage of knowing that all your debts are being taken care of in one monthly payment, leaving you with more time to get your life back in order.

We help you develop a budget to manage your finances, help you build a debt-free life and maintain your credit history and develop a savings plan so that you can plan towards meeting your personal goals. We not only give you the best strategies to solve your current financial problems, we also equip you with the tools to prevent you from running into dire straits in the future. All these without negatively impacting your home equity unlike other companies.

At Solid Ground Financial, we have a proven track record of many satisfied customers who have come out of financial disaster to go on to living a better financial life in being debt-free and in control of their finances. As we celebrate 10 years doing what we love, we will continue to strive to be your one-stop-shop for your debt consolidation needs.

We could not have come this far without you, our clients and we promise to always be there for you, providing world-class financial services and counseling no matter what your situation is.

Our offices are always open to you, no matter how bad you think your situation is. Come in for an appointment today or call to speak to any of our financial counselors and we will glad to help you put your financial life back on solid ground.