How To Dominate Payday Loans


Have you caught yourself trapped in a Payday Loan cycle? Like many, you are not alone; almost 12 million Americans find themselves looking at Payday Loans as a short term relief to a long term problem. Spending 9 Billion in Payday Loan fees alone, you would think there would be a better solution. With Solid Ground Financial they not only get you out of your debt but keep you out of the viscous cycle by offering grade A expertise on your financing, budgeting and best of all how to dominate your Payday Loans.

How to consolidate payday loansUnlike your payday lenders, Solid Ground Financial makes it easy for you to repay your debt through their Payday Loan Consolidation program. On  average payday loan requires a lump-sum repayment of $430 on the following payday, exhausting 36 percent of an average borrower’s total paycheck. With those odds how can any borrower get ahead or save for a better financial future? Solid Ground Financial helps eliminate the lump-sum burden by consolidating your debt into one affordable monthly payment that won’t hinder your finances!

Nothing is worse than having your work day interrupted by relentless collection callers! Most calls are filled with empty threats, and useless tactics to make you feel cornered in your debt. Solid Ground Financial rids you of the harassment by setting you on a payment plan that satisfies your lenders as well as your pockets.

Solid Ground Financial understands that life happens, with bills piling up and a constant reminder of your debt being owed they know that it can all seem like a lot to handle. By consolidating all of your payments into ONE monthly payment Solid Ground Financial is able to give you your peace of mind back. As you may already know the Payday Loan industry isn’t exactly the most competitive when it comes to pricing, their goal being to charge you  the maximum rate allowed under state law. A Payday Loan Relief plan can eliminate the stressful interest rates that come with your loan, say goodbye to late payments and your debt all together!

With trained professionals that have an eagerness and willingness to help, Solid Ground Financial will always be the solution to your financial needs!