Lessons Learned From Coronavirus

Coronavirus Lessons

One of the greatest virtues of the human being is to be able to accept and assimilate change, even when it appears in the form of tragedy.

Psychologists call this quality: resilience, which is the ability to get ahead of a specific problem. We thank and acknowledge all those who -in these “times of COVID-19- are doing something positive from where they are.


Reflections to see life with other eyes as a result of the COVID-19.

Lessons from COVID-19
  • There is always a bottom opportunity. Forever.
  • We have two options or see the glass half full or see it half empty. We are lucky. We have the power of choice.
  • Empathy and appreciation for what we do have. Right now, some businesses are not going to get out of this crisis, and some are going to lose their jobs, others are not going to have enough money for basic expenses. If it is in your possibilities, help small businesses, your enterprising friend or give work to whoever needs it.
  • All customer service is stopped (planes, banks, spas, restaurants, gyms, cinemas).
  • When all this resumes its course, this sector will grow in potential, and there will be an economic rebound. Don’t you think it’s a good time to plan your next venture?
  • If you are stopped with a project, it is a good time to fine-tune the processes, planning, vision and sales strategy of your business. The growth of your project can stagnate by “not being ready.”

Don’t ask yourself, when is all this going to end? Better ask yourself, what am I going to do when this is over?

What can we learn from Coronavirus?
  • Choose new priorities. Visualize your time as a gift. Make a list of the different areas of your life (love, money, work, extra income, investments, books, friends, etc.). There is no better time than now to restructure what you want in life.
  • If you lost your job, ask yourself: was I happy where I was? What do you need now to be better? Create the job you want (start, make your own personal brand, listen to yourself). Self-knowledge: Who am I really? Do you like your type of life?
  • Helping other people is helping ourselves.
  • What things can you do to avoid living up to date?
  • What action should you take today to get to a better place tomorrow? How to motivate your own to join this type of mentality?
  • We must learn to take things easy: The rise and fall of the stock market are driven by “fear.” People start making movements because they believe there is a risk with their money. Remember that if you are not in a life or death situation, “doing nothing” is a good decision. Don’t let panic win you over. Calm.
  • It is time to create businesses from what we know today of the crisis.
  • Food, health, technology and generating community are one of the most requested areas in these times. For example Anti-stress balls are something basic but that today would greatly help a stressed population. You can also sell something without the need to have a product physically. The idea is to create something that solves a problem in the world.
  • Many things can be done from home. Online became fashionable. Some meetings can be avoided with a well-written email. Even parties can also be online! If you set your mind to it, you can be more productive from home. Quarantine is no reason to neglect online courses and workshops.
What to learn from COVID19?

“Blessed is the one who encourages against all the odds to create a solution to have a positive impact on the world.”