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Solar Energy Solutions FloridaIf you have considered investing in solar technology for your home contact us today and we can answer any of your questions.  The benefits of Solar far outweigh the costs.

We will give you all the tools to make the most informed decision about installing solar panels and show you how to take advantage of homeowner tax incentives to help get the job done!

Contact us to do a FREE Energy Assessment of your residence or investment property. We have amazing rates. Learn more about cost savings for your home today!

Residential solar panels provide multifaceted benefits. Whether you are frustrated by the yearly rate increase in utility bills or want to do your part to reduce environmental pollution.


  • Reduced bills: Relying on solar energy as opposed to traditional gas and electric means you save on your monthly utility bill. You can save enough money on utility bills to cover the cost of your initial investment and then some.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Investing in solar also means you reduce your individual carbon footprint. You can support environmental sustainability and clean energy initiatives.
  • Long-lasting technology: Most solar panels are expected to last for at least 20 years, so the return-on-investment is incredible. Solar panels are designed and engineered with longevity in mind.
  • Ability to finance: A majority of companies allow our customers to finance their solar panel purchases. By financing you don’t need to pay all of the costs right away, allowing you to still reap all the money- and energy-saving benefits that solar offers the sooner as they are installed.
  • Tax credits: The government offers tax rebates and incentives to homeowners across the country for solar panels and clean energy. The federal solar tax credit, known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to deduct up to 30 percent of residential solar panel installation costs when you file your federal taxes. This is an incredible financial incentive, beyond the money you would already save on utility bills.

Solar Energy FloridaSolid Ground Solar has joined the movement; we are here to help you find alternative renewable energy solutions that are eco friendly. Solid Ground Solar is an independent contractor for an experienced Florida Certified Solar Installer (The Installer’s Solar License is CVC56982). With years of training schooling, apprenticeship, planning, installation, ranking and certifications you can be confident we will have your system installed or serviced with the most qualified company in the industry.

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Our contractors are licensed to service all of Florida. Want to get to know us? Our corporate headquarters is located at 2450 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 401, Hollywood, FL 33020. Feel free to make an appointment to visit our office.



Prices for solar have been dropping dramatically for the past eight years. It is only now that solar is becoming affordable enough to be worthwhile. Solar panels are a great addition given the rate at which this technology is evolving.

If you live in Florida there are great benefits to Solar Energy that you need to know about. With the right program you can add a solar system to your home without adding a dime out of your pocket.

In addition, the government offers tax incentives for homeowners who use renewable energy sources. Your solar system will also add value to your property, giving you the opportunity of saving thousands of dollars by owning your own source of clean energy production.

We work with professional solar installers, such as our certified RB Green Energy, who will provide the solar panels, as well as the other needed components and equipment to safely install the system.

Below you can see some of the frequently questions we have been asked before about solar power, and the answers. If you have any questions about solar, you can get in touch with a Solar Professional at (786) 738-6389.

Q: I don’t know much about solar energy.

A: We believe it’s important to help our customers make an informed decision. Our Solar professional technicians will explain how solar works, how we can help you save, how your fundamental bill structure will change and how everything comes together.


Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: When you purchase the entire system upfront we will break the total down into payments.

Some homeowners prefer to take advantage of solar financing; we work with several financing companies.


Ask about Solar Panel Financing Options. Our specialist will check if you qualify and help you with the application process. Speak to one of our Solar Professionals to find out what options is right for you.


Q: What is the warranty?

A: Our solar panels have a 25 year warranty and we also include a 2 year workmanship warranty.


Q: How long does the process take?

A: The process is completed within approximately 4 months. The process includes the application, financing, verification, engineering plans, permitting, install, inspection and net metering. Most of the steps are completed on day one, allowing us to submit the engineering plans sooner.


Q: Are there incentivized rates for solar car users

A: In addition to a $2,500 to $7,500 federal tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles, there are many other ways electric vehicles can save you money. If you are thinking of buying a solar car charger check with your tax agent to find out if your state offers incentives, rebates or perks for solar car users.


In the US Federal tax credit for installing solar has been extended through 2021. The Tax Credit will remain at 30%, so if you pay 10,000 you’ll get a tax credit of $3,000.


Q: What happens if we plan to expand our family or buy a pool?

A: We care about our customers and we want to worry about what your home consumes now. However, if you plan to expand family or make big changes that require more energy consumption you can always add more panels to your system.


Q: Can’t I save more money creating a solar panel myself vs buying it already made? I want to know before making a huge decision.

A: We strongly recommend you do not make your own solar panel. They are very difficult to build properly and safely. Solar panels are built in clean room environments to very specific specifications. Reproducing this at home is virtually impossible. The cost savings are virtually non-existent. Most of the ‘build your own solar panel’ guides are misleading, many of them are plain wrong. You can buy professionally built panels for about the same price as buying the components.

Many of them are built on a wood frame, which is not suitable for the extreme temperatures that solar panels build up, particularly in very hot environments like deserts. Poor connections between cells also creates huge heat build up. Either one of these is enough to start a fire, don’t risk burning down your home.

Q: Must I be connected to the grid?

A: The issue with entirely stand alone solar energy is that you will get big fluctuations of power output from your solar throughout the day. You may have periods of cut-out if you are consuming more power than you are actually producing at any time and at night there won’t be any UV to produce any additional power you may need.

With us, after we install you will be connected to the grid, which will store your excess energy in an energy bank and net metering will help monitor what you produce. At the end of the day when the sun has set, if your home requires more energy it will be pulled from the energy bank and placed back in your home. You won’t be charged because it is energy that you produced.

Q: How do I know one of the panels won’t burn out?

A: During installation we make sure there is reasonable air-flow behind every panel to avoid them burning out. We mount the panels on a rack so it has plenty of ventilation around it.


Q: How do solar panels fare in a hurricane?

A: Surprisingly well, it turns out. In Florida we experience extreme weather and winds, hurricanes are nature’s wildest storms and Florida requires solar installations pass rules to ensure solar systems can survive the worst. So our solar panels are built strong and built to last. They are made with impact resistant materials which undergo extensive testing. Our panels can withstand a Cat 5 hurricane.

Roof-mounted solar systems are positioned within a few inches of the roof, wind blowing between the panels and the roof can cause what engineers call “uplift”. However, our system is designed to withstand huge amounts of uplift force.  During installations we drill directly into the roof beams (trusts) with huge lag bolts that are screwed and sealed with extra care. Then we securely install the rack on it that holds the panels. This allows the panels to be connected with the house structure, not the roof, so the solar panels will not fly off your roof and they will not cause your roof to fly off either.