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Business Debt Consolidation

As a Business Owner, we understand how important it is to have your own legacy and build it up from concept to company. If your business is being weighed down by financial constraints, you should know that you are not alone. Every year, a large percentage of American business owners and merchants find themselves in a similar situation.

In such a case, what you need is to become more financially responsible and proactive to avoid business bankruptcy. We at Solid Ground Financials have specialists that will evaluate your business loans to have an in-depth understanding of the type of business debt help that you need. Our business debt relief services will create a restructure of all your outstanding payments, helping you to stem the financial bleeding on your resources. Our primary goal is to provide business debt relief that will put you back in the driver’s seat of your business.

Through our personalized restructuring methods that are focused on corporate debt help, we are able to provide our clients with repayment plans that reduce the impact on their business’s credit. As the Business Owner, your personal credit ratings will also not be impact, providing a perfect solution that will help you avoid business bankruptcy.

Sources of Business Debt

Where does business debt come from? When a business owner is unable to raise the capital to fund their plans, they resort to external resources to bring liquidity into their business. Depending on the type of the business that you have, getting business funding which eventually translates to your business debt can be quite difficult to get. Here are some of the most common sources of business financing that business owners resort to:

  • Micro-loan programs – these are loans that are given to businesses typically below $35,000 that can be used for working capital or as a way of paying for inventory and running costs. When borrowing a micro-loan, the repayment terms can be dire, depending on the type of lender involved. One common we have seen is business owners taking business loans to get temporary business debt relief. However, serving a business debt with a loan usually ends up in more business debt.
  • Investors – Unsecured business debt comes in form of capital received from angel investors or venture capitalists who believe in a business’s potential. This option is available to both small and large businesses with amounts ranging from $500,000 up to several millions of dollars according to recent research. Because venture capitalists and private investors want high returns on their investments, this type of investments sometimes lead to loss of equity with the investor becoming part of the decision-making board of the business.
  • Merchant Cash Advance Loans – this is a flexible financing option available to most businesses to leverage future sales or revenue for immediate funds through a business’ merchant account. Businesses can apply for this and have the funds deposited to their accounts in a short time. MCAs usually come at a high interest rate, sometimes as much as three times normal small business loan fees. MCA relief is usually needed when a business owner underestimates the ROI of the advance is then unable to pay. Contact us today and one of our financial specialists will help you get lasting Merchant Cash Advance relief.
  • Business Credit Cards – Business credit card debt is easy to get into because more and more people are resorting to online inventory management and businesses. Using credit cards ensure constant repayments and the ability to carry over the debt with a relatively small interest payment. This however leads to Business Credit Card debt over time which may make it difficult for a business owner to stay afloat and avoid business bankruptcy.

Our Business Debt Relief services take into account all these and many more methods of business financing when putting together a company debt relief plan for our clients. We also provide Confession of Judgement help when things have gotten to that level where you are no longer able to avoid creditors and collection agencies on your own.

We treat each client business differently and help you relieve the burden of high interest repayments and daily debits. We provide comprehensive business debt relief no matter whether your debt is in form of merchant cash advance, business credit card or loans. Even Unsecured Business Debt help is included in our business debt relief services.

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When Should You Consider Consolidating Your Business Debt?

While it is understandable that most businesses need to secure a loan or business credit card to help with paying different expenses of running a business, keeping up with the debts can be a challenge. Debt repayment schedules can be hampered by slow business periods and cash flow disruptions that cause you to become trapped in high interest rate situations. Eventually, interest payments are so high that you run the risk of losing your business alongside the emotional stress of running from debtors.

Considering business debt relief is a good idea if you are paying too much in interest rates and running several business debt lines at the same time. You should also consider getting help with your business debt relief if you want to avoid business bankruptcy.

Why Should You Choose Our Business Debt Relief Services?

Our Business Debt relief services have been trusted over the years by thousands of clients to provide long lasting business debt relief to corporations and businesses, removing a large portion of business debt in all forms, providing consolidation of monthly pay.

Here are some of the benefits of our business debt relief services:

  • Get out of business debt – Our ultimate priority at Solid Ground Financials is to get you out of business debt so that you can return the focus to running a successful business
  • Eliminate daily/weekly drafts – Repayments keep you from making solid cashflow and profits. Putting in these into one easy-to-manage stream is what our specialists are amazing at doing for you, using your unique situation to design a business debt relief plan for you.
  • Eliminate 25% of your debt balance – We help you pay less of your debt than what you would if you were paying it yourself. Let us help you reduce your debt balance and save you money you can re-invest into your business.
  • Restructure your business finances – You can be making significant profits and still be in debt. Our business debt relief services will help you have a better grasp of your business finances, allowing you better understand your financial situation.
  • One affordable monthly payment – We simply your monthly payments, reduce your overhead cost and make it easier for you to repay your debt commitments.
  • Avoid business bankruptcy & Judgements – Even in situations where the courts have gotten involved, we also have a team of lawyers that provide Confession of Judgement help to you at a significant discount. We have a National Attorney Network priced at a flat rate to help you with legal representation where needed
  • Immediately increase in cash flow – Less debt repayments mean more money that can be ploughed back into your business to help you increase your profitability. We help you stop the constant cash flow into debt repayment and assist you get back financial control of your business.
  • Regain your peace of mind – We will act as a shield against aggressive creditors that bombard you with a constant stream of letters, phone calls and emails for collections. Your account manager will co-ordinate communications with all your creditors and keep them informed of an agreed resolution plan and help you sleep better at night.


Becoming Debt-Free is Easy as A,B,C

Business debt relief is not as difficult as it seems. Solid Ground Financial has developed a tested and trusted program for business owners that will help you become debt free in no time.

Get in touch with is today for a free consultation on 877-785-7817 or via email at and an agent will arrange a meeting with a financial specialist to take a look at your cases. We accept all types of business debt accounts like the following;

    • Merchant Cash Advance Loans
    • All Online Finance Company Debt
    • Visa / MasterCard / American Express (Business)
    • Unsecured Business Loans
    • Loan & Business Lines of Credit
    • Vender Unsecured Debt
    • All Credit Union issued Credit Cards

Solid Ground Financial provides business debt relief no matter what kind of debt that you have. We access your personal situation and help design the most comprehensive and useful business debt relief program that will benefit your business. With constant guidance and communication with our Specialist, your journey back to financial solvency will be easier that you thought.

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