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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee


Solid Ground Financial now offers a 100% Guarantee on Our Debt Consolidation Program. We will guarantee your consolidation being set up or your money back. This includes successful set up with the creditors listed on the program. If for any reason we are unsuccessful we will refund you 100% of your money, guaranteed. Just another reason to use Solid ground Financial for all your consolidation needs.

Please click any Trustpilot link on our site to Reference our Trustpilot reviews. We Look forward to assisting you.

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Our Mission


To help you understand debt, get out of debt, so you can use credit to your advantage. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients in understanding their finances, helping them become debt free, and giving them the knowledge they need to stay debt free. Our full staff of Certified credit counselors and customer service specialists are ready to assist you if you are burdened by debt.

Our approach is always personable and comfortable, and you will always receive direct and honest advice. Every effort is taken to accommodate your needs as well
as the needs of your creditors.

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Solid Ground Financial Money Back Guarantee