Consolidating Payday Loans

Are you in need of Payday Loan Help? Follow these easy steps to consolidating your payday loans.


Step 1. Gather your payday loan accounts and balances. We will need this to quote your plan. 

Step 2. We will enter your information into our quoting system based on the balances provided. We do have set terms and agreement with the payday loan consolidation program. These agreements are already negotiated.

Step 3. Go over your new payment plan. We will go over your new program to get rid of these payday loans. 

Step 4. We will send you your enrollment docs to return to us. Once we receive these docs we will contact your lenders. 

Step 5. Your first payment will draft.

Step 6. We will start negotiating the balances on your accounts. 

Step 7. Payments will be disbursed to your lenders according to the agreements made. 

Step 8. Graduation! We will provide you with all payday loan payoff docs for your records with your graduation packet. 

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