10 Reasons You Can Trust Solid Ground Financial

  1. 11 Years in the Financial Industry: Solid Ground Financial has been in business for over 10 years. With extensive industry knowledge in consolidating debt and the passion to help those financially in need,
  2. Over 7,000 Successful Graduates From Our Program: At Solid Ground Financial, we believe we are only as successful as our clients! We have saved over 7,000 clients a lot of time, money AND the hassle of debt. Credit repair program, Business Debt Relief program and the Payday Loan Consolidation Program! (Hyperlink all)
  3. Cost Efficient Programs to fit Budget: Why make your financial situation worse? Solid Ground Financial works with your budget to ensure you are getting the best deal on your program that is most comfortable for you and your situation, and above all affordable!
  4. Resolve Your Debt – Or Your Money Back: We stand by our mission in making this world a debt-free one, we also believe that any unsatisfied customer should be able to get their money back with no hassle! We are eager to solve any issues you might have!
  5. Free Financial Advice: As a respected client, we value your business as well as the help that we can provide in any financial situation you might be in. Questions about Payday Loans, Debt Consolidating, Credit Repair? Our reps are happy and willing to provide you with expert advice should you ever be in need.
  6. Rated 5 Stars on TrustPilot: “This company is Heaven sent..” is one of the many enlightening and inspiring reviews that we have gotten regarding our services. Amongst others such as “They cut my monthly payments by 75% and made it possible for me to repay my debt without filing bankruptcy…” and “Everyone I have worked with has been so helpful and provides excellent service and piece of mind. I will soon be debt free thanks to them” we are proud of the satisfaction we can and will continue to provide to all of our clients!
  7. Over 200 Reviews of Satisfied Customers: We know trust is earned, but feel free to take a look at our reviews from Google(Hyperlink) & Trustpilot(Hyperlink) that back our passion as well as our ability to get you out of debt quickly and affordably!
  8. Free Quote To Get Started: Debt is already a hassle enough, Solid Ground Financial doesn’t believe in pressuring you out of debt. We will first offer you a free quote that is sure to fit your budget and work with you from there.
  9. Your Debt Is Safe With Us: Your financial situation and information is something we hold sacred, with a strict privacy policy we follow and stand by Solid Ground Financial makes your confidentiality our priority!
  10. Programs Fit For Everyone: Whether you are in Credit Debt, Business Debt or even Payday Loan debt, Solid Ground Financial has a variety of programs that specifically fit you and your needs!