Are Payday Loans Ever a good Idea?


The concept of payday lending is quite simple; an individual who needs some cash for short term on an urgent basis can apply for a payday loan from a lender. A person who earns specific income per month and has proper documents for loan application can get $100 to $500 from the financial institution. Note that, this amount must be returned by the next payday.

While borrowing money in the form of payday loans, the borrowers generally provide a post-dated check to the lender that includes the actual payday loan amount along with a service fee. This fee may vary as per amount borrowed or type of financial institution, but in most cases, it lands somewhere around 15% of the allowed amount. On the next payday, the lender simply initiates electronic fund transfer or cashes the check to receive the set amount.

Most people are interested to know whether payday loans are a good idea or not. Well! Studies reveal that millions of Americans that have limited monthly income find it quite difficult to accomplish their routine expenses. Sometimes, in order to meet the unexpected medical bills and other emergencies, they need to apply for such short-term credits to fulfill needs. The major reason why people consider payday loans a good idea for emergency situations is that they can be approved within a few hours because they do not require credit checks. The applicant simply needs to provide a personal check to the lender with a set amount and the loan amount can be received shortly. Some people also try to do payday loan consolidation to ease the payment process.

In simple words, payday loans are good for many reasons; few of them are listed below:

· Speed:

Most of the lenders prefer to approve payday loans instantly after getting the essential information along with the signed check. Moreover, the application process is also very simple; applicants need not mess with multiple documents. That is why these loans are considered to be far better than the conventional loans.

· Convenience:

The payday loan transactions can be completed online, so there is no need to stand in long queues or book appointment with the bank officials. You can apply for payday loans while sitting at your home, and the amount will be debited to your account within a few hours.

· Lesser requirements:

It is possible to qualify for payday loans with ease because it doesn’t have typical requirements. If your income is consistent; there are 100% chances to get a loan on time. In order to apply for such credits, the applicant must be 18 years old and have a permanent job. Note that, it is even possible to get payday loans with bad credits because the decision is based only on your current financial situations. With all such benefits, it is definitely a good idea to apply for payday loans to meet your emergency needs. But note that there is no point in applying for such credits to fulfill your luxurious desires. The high-interest rates can make it difficult to manage regular payday habits!