October Financial To Do List


October Financial To Do List

Make Big Purchases NOW!

Studies have shown that big purchases such as electronics, laptops and major appliances are at a deeper discount in the month of October. Now is a great time to buy any school supplies, older modeled iPhones or vehicles to make a steal in a good sale!


Set Financial Goals for Last Quarter of the Year

October is the starting month of everyone’s favorite time of year… the Holidays! Keep a financial goal in mind to be as prepared as possible for everything that the Holidays can bring!


Buy Your Thanksgiving Travel Accommodations now

Traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday? Plane tickets are at their best this month! are advantage of the low airfare before it’s too late and you’re stuck paying “I waited until the last minute” prices.


End Of Year Employment Review

Everyone loves end of year bonuses, be sure to evaluate where you are with your position at work with where you would want to be come years end. Doing so this month will give you more than enough time to make any improvements for bonus time!


File Any Corporate Tax Returns

As well as any trust income tax returns you may have lingering, and partnership tax returns by mid-September!


Organize your Summer Tax Expenses

Instead of scrambling last minute to gather all of your tax-deductible receipts, go through your summer expenses now before the holidays completely take over. For instance, if you moved over the summer be sure to separate your potential deductions.