Start Investing And Don’t Die Trying


We are facing a moment in which uncertainty is just around the corner.

The growth of the country is on the ground, the Stock Exchanges have fallen, and massive layoffs continue to rise.

Investing for financial freedom

And right now, the worst number is one.


Because if you only have one source of income and you run out of it, you will have zero.

And this will be a real problem.

For this reason, you must have more than one source of income, because if you lose one, you will have others that will help you pay for your lifestyle expenses.

Now, many people have the mistaken belief that the world of investments is only for millionaires.

However, this is entirely false. Well, many of the people who are currently on the Forbes lists started their fortunes from scratch.

Our goal, when having investments, must be to reach Financial Freedom.

This is not an esoteric or magical term; Financial Freedom is something tangible.

We define Financial Freedom as: “having the option to stop working and be able to pay for your lifestyle expenses.”

And this will be through the returns on your investments. By the time your investment returns exceed your lifestyle expenses, you will have achieved Financial Freedom.

By now, surely you are already wondering: and then, where can I invest?

Well, I will share 5 areas of investment of millionaires in which you can also invest:

Real Estate:

Real Estate investing

Many people prefer to invest in real estate, as there is an increase in value over time, and the fact that it is a tangible investment, that is, you can see your investment.

The way to make money from real estate is to buy cheap and sell at market price or rent.

If you sell, you will have Capital Gain (you earn money from the sale), and if you rent, you will have Cash Flow Gain, that is, you will have money month by month.

Stock Exchange:

Investing Stock Market

The Stock Exchange is an organization that facilitates the sale and purchase of securities. These can give you a Capital Gain (when you buy and sell shares), or Cash Flow Gain (when you buy shares and keep them).

However, it is recommended that, if you do not know how to invest and move your money within the Stock Exchange, you should do so through the advice of a Brokerage Firm.


Investing Precious Metals

Gold, silver, and platinum mainly. The way to make money from metals is through buying and selling.

An advantage of metals is that they are against cyclical in crises; that’s why rich people rely on them.

Intellectual Property:

Investing Intellectual Property

The way to make money with Intellectual Property is through royalties, which are paid month after month. For example, if you write a book, patent an invention, or a brand, it will be Intellectual Property.

Treasury bonds:

Investing Government Bonds

This is one of the safest areas to invest and where I would recommend you to start. These are Treasury Certificates, that is, government bonds. The risk is very low and it will be the safest if you are a beginner.

Now that you know where to invest, keep in mind these questions, which you should ask yourself before giving YES to a new investment:

  1. What is the profit ?: When you enter an investment, there is a profit called a return. This may be different depending on the investment area and the type of profit. You must be very clear about how much you will earn and in how long.
  2. What is the loss ?: Absolutely all investments have risks, and if you do not understand the risks of each investment vehicle, you will not know how to play the game.

You must be very clear about these risks and know how much you could lose if they occur.

If someone tells you that your investment channel has no risks, do not believe them.

Remember that the greatest risk that exists is not knowing what you are doing. Therefore, you need to learn before making a decision.