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Why Professionals Are Saying Now Is The Time To Consolidate


It has been said that four out of every five Americans battle with debt. These statistics can be quite discouraging for so many reasons. A bulk of the debts are credit card debts and personal loans.

Professionals have advised that debt consolidation is the way to go and consolidating now has a lot of advantages attached to it. If you are hearing about consolidation for the first time, you may be wondering what it is.

Debt consolidation means taking out one big loan with low interest and using it to offset several other loans. This helps in no small way to ensure you don’t miss loan repayment dates as a result of multiple loans and high interest. Why do professionals advise that you consolidate now?

Why is now the best time for debt consolidation

#1. Increases the possibility of paying back debts

With debt consolidation, your days of juggling between multiple debts will be over. People miss out on debt payments for several reasons. One of such reasons is the inability to keep up with payment dates for multiple debts. This is a major debt repayment limitation consolidation solves.

With debt consolidation, there is only one loan and a single date to remember. This will help you to plan better towards the repayment of such loans. With lesser loan repayment mixed up, the possibility of paying back loans faster increases on a general scale.

#2. Lower interest

The aim of consolidating your debts is to not only find a suitable way of merging your debts but to pay lower interest. Many consolidation loans are given at a lower interest rate. As stated earlier, a bulk of debts owed by individuals are credit card debts.

Credit card debts generally come with higher interest than other forms of debt. By consolidating your debt now, you will be able to pay lower interest, pay off debts faster, and save more in the long run.

#3. Positive impact on your credit score.

Unpaid debts hurt your credit score. Your credit score also determines your creditworthiness as financial institutions analyze your score before issuing loan advances. A bad credit score has so many implications on your finances.

With a debt consolidation loan, you can pay down your high-interest debts. This will go a long way to ensure that your credit card bounces back to normal enabling you to achieve your financial goals. Not missing debt parents also means that borrowers will begin to associate you with a positive financial pattern. This works to your benefit in the long run.

#4. Better loan offers

Yes, you heard that right. As a result of the pandemic, so many lenders are willing to offer loans at a reduced interest rate, without scrutinizing your records so much. Federal legislation put in place to help businesses and individuals recover from the effects of the pandemic has also made it easier to access loans. This will always work to your advantage as you get to pay lesser interest.


Debt consolidation is the way to go. If the professionals advise that you consolidate now, it is in your best interest. Consolidating your debts now may as well be the best financial decision to make.